5 thoughts on “iPad 1:1 Program: The Journey Begins!

  1. Great to read Jade. The thoughtful planning and time the Year 6 team put into this in 2013 is certainly paying off. There is a buzz in Year 6! I wondered about students sharing some of their work, experiences in an Assembly to educate other staff & students.

    • Absolutely, I think the Year 6’s could share their iPad journey with the school in Assembly and other ways. Maybe something we could approach them about this week.

  2. Great reflection Jade. We are into our second year of 1:1 iPads and have continued it this year with all 120+ year 8 students getting an iPad. Your successes and challenges are very similar to what we had last year and this year. Good luck and it gets even more exciting as everyone becomes more familiar with using them.

    • Thanks for your feedback Tom, would love to read your blog documenting your 1:1 iPad process. Its been a great start to the program but there is still so much we want to explore and refine. Loving the journey so far.

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